CIP Constructions Project History – Meyer Timber, Penrith, NSW.

In light of our recent award for Meyer Timber in Queensland, we are taking a look back into the past and sharing some behind the scenes images and videos from the original NSW build in Penrith.

This project was undertaken by the CIP NSW team in 2017, with the team delivering Practical Completion on time and within budget in 2018. The total site area is 41,392m2 with the warehouse encompassing 20,791m2. This build includes a 1,000m2 office with EOT facilities, as well as a large external hardstand area for truck access.

You can read more about the office, including all about its construction in just 3.5 days by clicking on our subcontractor partner TBS’ page here.

The facility is a single-story warehouse and office building, with approx. 20,000m2 of area enabling timber product unloading/loading capabilities and racked storage capacity. Although the building geometry and layout is typical of a warehouse facility, the 100% use of timber for the construction of the entire warehouse proudly showcases the LVL portal frames and Plywood box beam purlins.

1200mm box beams span 32 metres across the warehouse roof, craned into place at 15.2m bay centres. 600mm deep box beam purlins are cut into the high span beams, along with canopy beams that rake back to the main structure. The 15m bays are laid side by side the whole length of the warehouse.

Three of the 32 metre box beam grids are fitted together along the width of the warehouse, raised up on timber LVL columns to span an almost 100 metre distance. Only two central columns and the side wall mullions provide vertical support for the huge span of each portal frame.

LVL columns along the side walls act as mullions for the horizontally laid precast concrete panels. Front and rear walls are made from vertical precast concrete, which is supported by waler plates.

The 1200mm box beams are made from radiata pine high span LVL, while the 600mm purlins and wind beams are made up of 12mm and 15mm plywood respectively.

The total timber volume of the project comes to an impressive 225m3 of plywood, 197m3 of LVL purlins, 294m3 of LVL portal frames, and 135m3 of LVL secondary framing.

This project was later awarded the 2018 Innovative Structural Design from the Timber Design Award for the use of timber for the construction, a very well deserved honour.

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Thank you to our subcontractor contacts SCI Fire and TBS for the behind the scenes photos.